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A Map of Consciousness, 176 pages. (Paperback).

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Double Audio CD with booklet


Language: English

Audio CD: 22 pages
Even Lazier Publishing, Ltd.; Audio Reading by Author Thaddeus Golas edition (May 4, 2008)
Product Dimensions:
5.7 x 5 x 0.4 inches

Author Thaddeus Golas reads his own 1971 Metaphysical Classic.
The double CD is packaged with a 22 page booklet containing three
new chapters (Reminders, Post-Script to Reminders, and The Way Out,) written by Thaddeus Golas in the early 90's as revisions of some of his concepts.

These chapters pave the way for the ideas explored in his new opus: Love and Pain.

The recording of Thaddeus Golas' reading was made in June of 1986, in Sarasota Florida, on an analog tape deck, and an earlier form of this reading was available briefly on cassette in the late '80s. The recording has been re-mastered digitally. Some "analog tape" limitations persist, but this is by far the best audio version, to date, of The Lazy Mans Guide to Enlightenment.

Each of the 2 CDs runs approximately 45 minutes (roughly 90 minutes total).

The Collected Works of Thaddeus Golas - Vol 1 - From Seed Center Books

Author, poet, and all around 'Lazy Man' Thaddeus Golas narrates this updated 90 minute version of 1971 classic pamphlet which became known as The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment. At long last, you can hear the message from the mouth of the master himself, much in the way you would have if you casually met him on the streets of San Francisco, when he was known as 'Tad-the-Zapper'. At the height of the hippie era, The Guide almost immediately became the must-have philosophy book of its generation. The impact of the Guide elevated its author, Thaddeus Golas, from a bit part in the Beat and Psychedelic movements to a lead role. A reading of this classic book, recorded by the author in 1988, is now available as this remastered, quality 2-disc CD. In this audio book, Golas updated his original text for a newer audience. He went over some of the outdated language that fixated the text in another era. He also clarified numerous passages on the advice of his many readers. Most of all, he discretely worked around the direct references to LSD which can sometimes trouble readers. Thaddeus' reading of The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment opens the text and its powerful metaphysical message to a new generations seekers of all ages!!! The 22 page booklet contains all new writing (never before published!) and color photos; this deluxe CD package reflects Golas' own updates and revisions to The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment. All told, the recording is a lovely testament, and a rare chance to hear Thaddeus Golas's voice preserved in this new stereo digital mix. Original music was composed for this recording by Golas friends Blair Teagarden, Lumin Egress, and British artist Roy Sudan. Having the book read to you, by the author, is even lazier. A must-have for fans of the classic little book!

Press Review

THE LAZY MAN S GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT. By Thaddeus Golas. Seed Center Books. California, 2011 Audio CD.

For those on the road still trying to thumb a ride, this book will show you how to make it on your own. There is no other way. Being the lazy man s lazy man, I quickly went to the last pages and back cover to glean the quintessential enlightenment offered in the excerpts. How can I be lazy and accelerate my vibrations to encompass all that wisdom in a flash, you may ask? Chapter 7 answers that If you re the kind of person caught up in sin, asceticism, rejection of earthly enjoyment, or other evidence of strict virtuous discipline, and are still having trouble being enlightened and in joy, this book is for you. It will shatter all your preconceived ideas about spirituality, If what you are doing isn't it and leave it. In other words: let go and let God. The Lazy Man s Guide to Enlightenment lets you know you are already there. So what s the point of arrival? We exist on many levels simultaneously: from a being of concentrated mass (separateness, individuality), through energy being, to space being (oneness). How come, you may ask, most of us are only aware of the densest physical level? The answer is you can t be anywhere else until you love yourself where you are now. After all, it s a world of your own creation. As long as we reject anything we are tied to that one thing. Now that's karma! The only effective way to be free of anything, is to love. Accept yourself where you re at. If you hate or despise something, love yourself for despising or hating it. It s the E=MC2 of the Universe. Be there, then.

R.L. --I AM Magazine, Quebec.

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