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A Map of Consciousness, 176 pages. (Paperback).

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Collected Essays and Aphorisms, 140 pages. (Paperback).


The Cosmic Airdrome - Aphorisms & flights of fancy into Space Consciousness.
Featuring "Pocket Physics" and a layman's guide to "The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment" by Thaddeus Golas, Compiled and Edited by Sylvain Despretz
The Collected Works of Thaddeus Golas Vol. 2 - From Seed Center Books

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The Cosmic Airdrome is a book of aphorisms and wisdom that you can open anywhere, to any page. It is a perfect companion to the Guide. Thaddeus Golas collected his thoughts and diary entries over a period of twenty years. The cream of these philosophical gems, compact ideas, and graceful metaphors, is collected in one elegant volume that can work as a Rosetta Stone to many of Thaddeus Golas' ideas and visions as first delivered in The Lazy Mans Guide to Enlightenment. The Cosmic Airdrome is a pocket companion, and friend.

From The Cosmic Airdrome:

Once when I took some trash to a country dump, there was an old but well-manicured Chevy pickup truck in front of me, moving very slowly. I had my car completely turned around before the driver, an old man, had backed up to unload. As I was going back to my car after tossing a bag of trash, I saw a little girl about five years old on the passenger side of the truck. The look on her face!

She was shy and proud and pleased and amazed, astonished at the earth-moving machines and how tiny she was in the scale of the excavation, delighted that she had been allowed to go along on such an important trip, full of innocent, lovable pleasureall this was in her face at once.

If only I could always be so innocently grateful to God.

Why is it that the passage of time in a given circumstance, like a job or residence, can be borne for years, but when you know for certain it will end or change, every moment of delay is difficult to bear?

So often under repressive regimes the worst disorder comes when improvements are made, and hope rekindle.

At the time of the French Revolution, the King was a most agreeable man, trying to institute reforms.

Perhaps that is why spiritual revivals often lead to violence people have no patience when deliverance is said to be at hand.

Be careful of what you promise, even if you can deliver.

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